Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Read my favorite neighborhood happenings this week and tell me if this doesn't mean I live in the most precious place ever.

-Riding my bike to Central Market.
To be fair, I've only done this once. On Monday. And it was glorious. Central Market is not far at all from mi casa, so I said to myself . . . what the hay? I took advantage of an opportunity to use my new backpack. Toting back yummy snacks in the new pack just tied a pretty little bow on the whole afternoon outing.

-Seeing basketball boy play catch with his mom.
Basketball boy lives catty-corner to our apartment with his mom and grandparents. We can hear his basketball bouncing every single morning from our apartment, and every single time he sees any of us gives us a precious, "Hi! How are you?" Literally, every time he sees us. Today he gave me this greeting while he was on the phone.

-The man who feeds the birds.
Almost every time I go for a slow jog in our cute park area, I see the sweetest older man feeding a whole slew of birds. It happens when I've almost made one lap. Every time I see him he gives me the nicest smile and I just have to smile and wave. That wave makes the last few feet so much easier!

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