Friday, April 27, 2012

Featured Friday--Sweaty Bands

I'm in the process of vamping up this little blog. I have only told a few special friends about it, because I want to make sure it is just how I like it before I go blasting it on any Fbook pages and whatnot.
In the meantime, I'll keep a'posting. Even though clicking "View Blog" doesn't make me feel quite as warm and fuzzy as I hope it will some day. :)

Today's Featured Friday is brought to you by Sweaty Bands! Now, one of my April resolutions was to spend some time away from shopping, and I have actually done a pretty great job, if I may toot my own horn.

However, tomorrow, I'm slow jogging my first 5K, so I thought this was cause to buy myself a little pre-race motivator. Ok, really I saw them when I was picking up my race packet and thought they were too great to pass up. Shelby thought so too. Though, no lie, we were both a little grossed out by the name.

What's so great about them that I just couldn't pass one up, you ask?

Two days ago, I had to fix the headband I was wearing to keep my bangs back at least six times during my 30 minute slow jog. The Sweaty Band has a velvet-like lining that keeps the band in place. Even though, at times, I though it was slipping, I'd reach up happy to find it right where I left it.

Shelby's Band:

Band I almost bought (since my cute chevron band wasn't on the website):

Seriously, what is my deal with gold these days? I just can't get enough.

You can even get them customized to have whatever they want! I'm more than happy with our picks and can't WAIT to test it out again during our slow jog extravaganze tomorrow!

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