Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a New Month! May 2012

Last month, I wrote about some goals I had set for myself to complete in April. And you know what? I did them all. High five for me? I'd be glad to accept!

So I got to thinking, how great would it be if I set goals like this each month? You know . . . goals that are actually achievable and make me a better person? A lot of this idea has been inspired by these verses. I feel like so often with New Year's Resolutions, when we don't make it through the whole year, disappointment sets in. But I'm thankful that we don't just get one chance per year to try to better ourselves. We get to wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING and try again!

Therefore, each month, I'm determined to set a few realistic goals for myself. I loved how it worked in April, so toward the end of the month I thought about these questions:

--Where did a lot of my time go?
--Where did my money go?
--What could I live without in the upcoming month?

Some follow-up questions may include: Where should my time have gone? Where should my money have gone (or just stayed away from)? What material things in my life did I let get in the way of being closer to the Lord?

Are you still with me? I know this is a serious post . . .

Without further ado (and I could've probably stretched that all further), here are my goals for May:

--Go the whole month without purchasing anything on iTunes. 
Since I spent the month of April sans-shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, I noticed I was quicker to spend money on music. Albeit great music, I think it was more about spending money on some sort of little luxury.

--Spend more time in prayer.
I'm hoping to focus on at least one different spiritual discipline each month. I love to write in a prayer journal, but don't make it a priority and neglect to spend much time in conversation with God outside of these scribbles.

In order to accomplish that last one, I will . . .

. . . keep the radio off when I'm in the car by myself.
I've started to realize . . . I don't even like most of the music on the radio these days. So far, I'm enjoying my time spent thinking to myself and practicing becoming more comfortable with silence, but also with praying out loud. Do I feel like a crazy person sometimes? Sure. I pretend that anyone who sees me will just assume I have some sort of bluetooth device on my opposite ear, but then I remember I don't much care what they think anyway.
*author's note* This goal has also helped the fact that I have a tendency to be a bad driver. I spend a lot of my time on the road singing along (and loud) to music, so this is definitely helping my focus there.

. . . write in my prayer journal every day.
Last night, I turned off my lamp, rolled over to fall asleep, and not a minute later popped back up, because I'd forgotten to write one last little snippet of thankfulness for the day. I like goals like this because once I stick to them for a while, I can't not do them. This is why I physically cannot go to sleep if I haven't brushed and flossed my teeth.

So there you have it! May 2012's New Month Goals! I'll do my best to post some sort of something at the end of the month to recap the month and any lessons learned. 

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